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I'd give my left hand to be ambidextrous [userpic]
Challenge 6 voting and Challenge 5 winners
by I'd give my left hand to be ambidextrous (redrockfairy)
at March 3rd, 2008 (07:32 pm)

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Ok, thankyou to all that entered the Kenneth Branagh challenge, sorry this is late, for some reaon i keep forgetting, i will try to work on that. The voting is under the cut, and also the winners from our Withnail challenge which are extremely late, im so so sorry about that! Ok, hope to get a lot of votes!!!! 

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and the winners for our Withnail challenge:

 first place = redrockfairy
 second place (tie) = redrockfairy
 second place (tie) = speak_me_fair
 Mod's Choice = jacteest
thanks so much for this, well done to all the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!