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redhandedicons [userpic]
Challenge 5
by redhandedicons (redhandedicons)
at February 18th, 2008 (05:27 pm)

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Ok, time for our next film. This one is one of my all time faves and is a must have for any true british dvd collection. The cult classic Withnail and I. A semi autobiographical film, written by (my hero) Bruce Robinson. It stars Richard E Grant in his first film role and revolves around two out of work and poverty stricken actors in the 60's who decide to "go on holiday by mistake" to a cottage that is owned by one of thier relatives. Hilarity ensues. 
Because this is an old film it was difficult to get really good pictures but ive dug some up and as usual you can use your own too.
-You can make 4 icons
-brushes, textures and blending is allowed (animation is not)
-post your entries in a comment to this post
-Deadline is friday 22 feb.